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Body Massage

Traditional Thai Massage นวดไทย | 60min - 300bt | 90min - 450bt | 120min - 600bt

Thai Massage originated over 2500 years ago. It has been used as an integral part of Traditional Thai Medicine to promote health and wellbeing. Thai Massage uses pressure point stimulation, deep tissue massage, and gentle assisted stretching to stimulate life energy throughout your being. Ultimately, it can aid physical, mental, and spiritual balance by releasing any blocked energy within the body and mind, leaving us relaxed and rejuvenated. Thai Massage is often called ‘passive yoga’ as many of the movements performed by the practitioner resemble yoga postures.

Thai Massage & Herbal Ball นวดไทยประคบ | 90min - 850bt | 120min - 1100bt

This treatment starts with a traditional Thai Massage. Herbal ball of steamed lime leaves, lemon grass and other Thai herbs is then compressed along the meridians of the body. This exotic and relaxing treatment increases blood circulation and energy flow, removes toxins from the muscles, reduces water retention, and increases joint and spinal flexibility.

Back Neck Head & Shoulder (Stress Relief )นวดคลายเครียด | 30min - 300bt | 60min - 600bt

This treatment is used to massage and relieve tension from your shoulders, neck, back and scalp. Using deep thumb and finger pressure, you will experience improved circulation, the release of emotional and physical tension, and an enhanced state of relaxation and bliss.

Aromatherapy Oil Massage นวดอโรมาเธอราพี | 60min - 500bt | 90min - 750bt | 120min - 1000bt

We begin by selecting the correct aromatic essence oil to suit your skin and constitution. This type of massage incorporates both light therapeutic and deep strokes to stimulate the blood, circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage, whilst ultimately soothing tense, tired muscles. This massage is ideal for general muscular tension, aches, and pains (There are 3 kinds of aroma oil you can choose)

Pure Coconut Oil Massage นวดน้ามันมะพร้าว | 60min - 600bt | 90min - 850bt | 120min - 1150bt

Coconut oil is one of the most powerful moisturisers, especially for dry skin. In addition, coconut oil contains many nutrients and phytochemicals to enhance your health and wellbeing. Our coconut oil is 100% organic. It will produce real positive changes in skin texture, thus making your skin wrinkles look smoother.

Foot Reflexology Massage นวดจุดสะท้อนเท้า | 60min - 400bt | 90min - 600bt | 120min - 800bt

The theory of reflexology lies in the understanding that the feet have reflex points that correspond to the internal organs and limbs to balance all the functions of the body. This treatment uses specific pressure points to systematically activate the nerve reflexes, thereby stimulating all body organs and tissues to improve overall function and wellbeing.

For your Health and Healing

Shirodhara Head Massage นวดหัวแบบอินเดีย (ชิโรดารา) | 45min - 1800bt | 90min - 3000bt

Shirodhara is an ancient Indian head treatment that has been used as part of Ayurvedic Medicine for thousands of years. It is known as a treasure house of care for almost all aliments. As you lie back a continuous stream of warm oil is poured into the middle of the forehead opening up your minds’ ‘third eye’’, lulling you into a deep sleep and relaxation. This treatment is especially useful for nervous system disorders, high blood pressure, general stress, insomnia, migraine, allergies and headaches.


Body Treatments

Phangan Coconut & Cream Scrub สครับ | 45min - 800bt

In order to exfoliate deteriorated skin cells we use coconut pulp, which is the coconut meat that has been freeze dried. This treatment is excellent for cleaning the skin, removing toxins, and improving blood circulation. In addition, the coconut contains many phytochemicals and essential fats to aid health and wellbeing.

Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Scrub | 45min - 800bt

This invigorating body exfoliator is a unique blend of Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt and essential oils that break down the dead layer of skin to stimulate the dermis and reveal a fresh layer of radiant skin

Dead Sea Mud Mask | 45min - 1000bt

Allow the nutrients of the dead sea mud to revitalize your skin. This treatment will draw out environmental toxins and tighten pores, while infusing vitamins and minerals into your skin, leaving you with a smooth and radiant glow.

Best for Sun Burn:

Pure Aloe Vera Gel Wrap | 60min - 1200bt

As well as being a great treatment for general health this is an ideal spa treatment to have when you have sunburn damage due to excessive sun exposure. We start the treatment by applying Aloe Vera to your whole body, then we wrap the body to help the Aloe Vera get deep down onto the skin to cool and calm any irritations, whilst providing essential nutrition to the skin at the same time.

Waxing | From 300bt

We only use the best quality natural wax that can be applied without irritation to sensitive areas. The wax contains natural and soothing ingredients that nurture the skin.

  • “The best wax you can get here”
  • XTRA STRONG help eliminate all forms of hair cleanly.
  • XTRA SMOOTH LANOLIN ingredients nourish the skin while waxing the skin after waxing. Reception & smoother than ever.
  • XTRA SOFT reduce ingrown hairs. And some softness in new hair growth, especially for a bikini wax and a Brazilian.

Facial Waxing

Eyebrows  200bt
Side Burns  300bt
Cheeks  200bt
Forehead  300bt
Upper Lip  300bt
Full face 1,200bt


Body Waxxing

Neck  300bt
Under Arms  300bt
Arms  500bt
Upper Thighs   750bt
Lower Legs   750bt
Back 1,500bt


Bikini Waxing

Bikini lines  900bt
Brazilian 1,200bt
Hollywood 1,500bt